From gameplay to the brand world

Virtual Bundesliga, Corporate Identity, 2018


The Bundesliga stands worldwide for first-class football – but now also in the virtual world. With the FIFA eSport competitive brand of the DFL »TAG Heuer Virtual Bundesliga«, the entire brand world of the Bundesliga has entered the gaming industry. For this purpose, we created an identity that we developed directly from the game world for the players.


The basis was the FIFA game series. In the gameplay, a triangular cursor is placed over the active player, which became the central element of the design idea for us. We used the triangle as a clear stylistic device with a high recognition value and placed it in the logo design above the iconic »Bundes­liga Player«. At the same time, the triangle form symbolizes an abstract V and represents our idea of an indepen­dent digital platform, the Virtual Bundesliga.


The Virtual Bundesliga functions as an independent platform, for which we provided an independent brand presence. The trademark is modular and represents the competition phases in sub-logos. By bringing an element from the gaming world into the DFL logo, we succeeded in bringing the Bundesliga into the virtual world.

Brand consistency also in the tournament logos. The cursor becomes part of the abbreviation »VBL« and thus part of all logos – worldwide.

A key visual, straight from the figurative mark. Simple, multi-layered and at the same time expressive: the brand character always remains recognizable. Depending on the focus, the message can be placed on aggressive, high-contrast or harmonious communication.

All Bundesliga clubs can provide their own teams to compete against each other in the »Club Championship«. On the website, you can follow the whole tournament process.


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