Brand Pavilion on the Road.
Station 1: Antholz Biathlon World Championship 2020

IDM South Tyrol, South Tyrol Home, 2020


The Biathlon World Championship in Antholz is the largest sporting event ever held in South Tyrol. 350 athletes from 40 different nations, and more than 150,000 spectators are on-site. Another 130 million spectators watch it live in front of their televisions. So, the IDM South Tyrol brand plans to do justice to this international setting.


We are particularly proud of our sustainable approach and implementation throughout the process. This approach highlights the values of the South Tyrol region: The South Tyrol Home values sustainability in combination with a high standard of regional architectural craftsmanship. The use of CO2-neutral and light wood material has also significantly reduced CO2 emissions.


We give the brand a home and build the South Tyrol Home in direct proximity to the award ceremonies on the Medal Plaza. We play with the logo and combine the strong South Tyrolean brand with the classic wooden hut construction. The brand pavilion became a lively first contact point and temporary home for the community of athletes and journalists as well as all brand partners. Thanks to its modular design, the house will be going on tour again in the coming years.

Biathlon World Championship Event / Atmosphere

It is a wonderful spectacle when spectators rush with joy onto the grounds, waving their flags and cheering on the athletes. Live bands and international live acts heat up the audience, while visitors to the South Tyrol Homes savour culinary specialities and watch from a distance.

Concept / Development / Facade

Summer and winter, innovation and tradition, action and relaxation – South Tyrol’s character consists of the most diverse and exciting contrasts. We translate these best elements of the brand into the building facade as a series of colorful layers that have been filled with life and enjoyment.

Interior / Layout

The heart of the 227m² brand pavilion is South Tyrolean hospitality, which visitors can enjoy at the bar, tables and lounge areas on the ground floor. The interview area is located on the upper level. From there and from the overhanging balcony, we use the impressive mountain panorama and the unique view towards Medal Plaza as a natural background for all press activities.

Materials / Sustainability

Utilizing wood for the facade was just one aspect of our climate-friendliness. We also used wallpaper made of leaves, alpine hay from South Tyrol and climate-friendly textiles, as well. In the following six years, this symbol of sustainability will be reused at various locations.


Concept and design planning (HOAI LP 1-3), Supervision of production, Consultant support design phase, Documentation


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