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2048: No more fish?

FishAct, Rebranding, 2018/2019


Fish stocks have decreased by 87% since the beginning of their data collection. If we continue like this, our seas will be empty by 2048. The NGO FishAct wants to prevent this scenario. It trains volunteers to identify and document illegal fishing and overfishing. The question for us was: How can a new corporate identity best support the NGO in its mission?


We turned the new logo into a campaign. The logo shows a swarm of 30 fish, one for each year that remains from 2018 to 2048. Since the recognition of FishAct as an NGO, 3 fish have already disappeared from the logo. Each year one fish will follow – unless the data, e.g., from the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea, improves. In this way, the logo becomes a living infographic about the world’s fish stock. It is a warning and hope at the same time and provides a permanent means of communication.


An annual press conference will provide information on the development of the logo based on marine biological data analyses. The data determines whether the logo loses a fish or gains one. The complimentary microsite 2048.fishact.org provides information about the fish population using the logo. Along with the live countdown to 2048, which is directly linked to a call to action for donations, the visitor can inform themselves on the background of threatened species, the state of individual seas or shocking facts.

Clariant, Integrated Report, 2017
Clariant, Integrated Report, 2017
Clariant, Integrated Report, 2017
Clariant, Integrated Report, 2017

On a microsite, extensive data from the tracking institution behind the logo development is presented in detail – visually accentuated by an adapting school of fish. The microsite also links the ongoing countdown to a call-to-action for donations.

Clariant, Integrated Report, 2017
Clariant, Integrated Report, 2017
Clariant, Integrated Report, 2017

The NGO FishAct trains voluntary FishActivists and sends them to hot spots of illegal fishing and overfishing. There, grievances are to be documented in order to draw the attention of the public and legislators.

Clariant, Integrated Report, 2017
Clariant, Integrated Report, 2017


Conception, logo design, corporate identity, corporate design, brand design, type design, on-air-graphics, illustration, pictogram design, motion design, infographics, communication, web design, digital branding, copy writing, text conception, naming, trademark consulting, movie production, press conference conception


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