Strellson Brand Identity

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New Brand


STRELLSON is an internationally represented menswear brand from Switzerland, led by the Holy family.
Founded in 1985, the brand quickly attracted attention with unusual communication and established itself as a non-conformist brand for men with “attitude”. In recent years, it became quiet around STRELLSON—and more and more, the “attitude brand” became a pure mainstream brand.

In 2020, a new management took over and with it came a new spirit. Under the new motto #wearindependent, STRELLSON recalls its original brand DNA. Just as Switzerland stands for independence, direct democracy and multilingual culture, STRELLSON is also positioning itself: unadjusted, independent and bold—with a new definition of the Swiss lifestyle between urbaness and outdoor.

The new STRELLSON brand identity: Swiss. The Bold way. From the logo and colors to the whole attitude—the entire appearance uses a flexible kit of hundreds of images, statements and graphics (such as the GPS coordinates of Kreuzlingen, the headquarters)—and a style that positions the brand more on the streets and outdoor sports than in the office.

The Bold Cross

The new logo: a Swiss cross—only much bolder and more masculine. The brand name is no longer written in lowercase. The Swiss colors red and white dominate, combined with a rich black.

In addition to the corporate design, all product labels were redesigned, as well as the retail presence, the online e-shop and the entire social media presence, with Instagram now being the core of STRELLSON’s communication.

Nicolai Zereske, Head of Marketing & Visual Merchandising
“The new logo design is meant to underline the masculine, independent and authentic orientation of the brand.”

“With this digital motif toolbox, we were able to create maximum impact for the new look on a minimal budget.”

The core of the new appearance was an Instagram-based campaign with the aim of communicating STRELLSON’s new attitude to the target group of style-conscious men aged 20-45. For this purpose, a motif toolbox was developed from several hundred digital motifs, which were used flexibly as a single or multi-post, as a teaser on the webshop or as a filmed asset in content productions.

In the filmed teasers and image clips, for example, the motifs were staged as posters of a billboard campaign. With this digital motif toolbox, we were able to generate maximum impact for the new appearance for a minimal budget.

  • Strategy: Sasserath Herrmann Baumann Plus
  • Filmproduction: SOVISO