An iconic German audio brand that sets standards in terms of sound and aesthetics.

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German Audio Design

sonoro has been manufacturing internationally recognised audio devices for 20 years. Now the company is expanding its portfolio with a new product design and brand identity. Developed by a team of audio engineers, product designers and branding specialists, an iconic German audio brand is to be created under the motto GERMAN AUDIO DESIGN.

The minimalism of German role model characterises Sonoro’s design, from the logo to the typography. The centrepiece of the new look is the Sonoro Aura, which is based on the design of the speakers. It gives the brand a minimalist, concise aesthetic and can be found on the front of the device, in the communication and on the packaging: SOUND. DESIGNED.

A brand that is evolving and following in the footsteps of the great German audio brands, with a consistent identity that extends from the exterior of the products, through the logo and brand identity, to the packaging and digital channels. An iconic German audio brand that sets standards not only in sound but also in aesthetics.

The visual centrepiece is the sonoro Aura, derived from the speaker design of the products.

It brings sound, space and sensory impressions to life and lends sonoro’s brand identity a minimalist and concise aesthetic. In product design, the aura adorns the front of the device milled from a single piece of aluminium; in communication, it makes people and spaces resonate; on the packaging, it breaks up the large cubic volumes with monochrome aesthetics: SOUND. DESIGNED.

The minimalism of German role models was the inspiration for the brand design.

Like the product design, Sonoros brand identity follows the same principles: Minimalist, precise and graphically based on the role models of German graphic design.

Marcell Faller, founder of sonoro
“It is time for a German brand to captivate people worldwide with iconic design and excellent sound.”

Minimalism was also at the forefront of the packaging design.

And in terms of sustainability. The usual polystyrene was completely dispensed with in favour of paper and all the usual varnishing and foiling in the industry was replaced by simple but effective 1c printing. Less is more – all in one.

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