Germany's first factory for handmade fresh ramen noodles unites contrasts: Japan and Bavaria, craftsmanship and happiness.

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New Brand, New Packaging, New Spaces

One bowl. One soul.

Germany’s first factory for handmade fresh ramen noodles unites contrasts: Japan and Bavaria, craftsmanship and happiness, Bavarian organic ingredients, and an original Japanese noodle machine. The new design was meant to find the right balance of these contrasts.

Fresh ramen noodles for home use are (still) not a big topic in Germany. We developed a brand design that grabs initial attention on the shelf, makes people crave ramen, and at the same time quickly and easily explains the product.

The result is a brand presence that reinterprets contrasts, presents them boldly, and brings them to life with joy and “Yum!” Japanese graphics meet classic German Fraktur script, authentic photography meets bright colors and patterns.

Ramenfaktur produces fresh Japanese fine food from regional ingredients in Nuremberg.

Just like the product itself, the appearance in the category is new and unseen.

Fine food works by different rules, which we consciously broke and reinterpreted.

Simply good ramen. Amen.

Typography, noodle patterns, imagery, and illustrative icons were completely newly developed. They are inspired by traditional Japanese styles without being too clichéd. Together, they create a never-before-seen brand communication that showcases a new product for Germany in all its facets.


Sizzling hot from Artwork to Shop

The new design enters the market loudly and conveys the brand values of Ramenfaktur – craftsmanship, joy, and quality – powerfully and on point. For this, we also took over the design of the factory itself. It combines production, shop, and ramen restaurant all in one.

The "Ramenfraktur"

Especially for Ramenfaktur, we developed the RamenFRAKTUR. An independent typography that breaks the straightforward forms of a traditional, grotesque Fonts with the flowing look of ramen noodles. It serves not only as a headline font in communication but is also the basis for the core of the brand: our logo and seal.

Straight Wavy or Udon?

The packaging consists of two systems: a simple shrink bag for gastronomy and a recyclable bold stand-up pouch for retail. A simple layout system of tables and strong graphic elements allows for easy distinction between different products.