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Let's engineer the future.

Following the rebranding and repositioning of global technology company GEA, MUTABOR’s objective was to redefine GEA’s employer brand in line with the new identity and create an Employer Value Proposition (EVP) that would resonate universally with all audiences around the world, while targeting specific audiences with tailored messages.

“Our strategy involved a detailed analysis of extensive employee surveys, carried out internationally for different job groups. By aligning GEA’s values with employee expectations, we were able to create a compelling EVP tagline and a headline mechanic that fit well with the brand, but also provided a unique thematic focus for each target group cluster.”

The result was a transformative employer brand for GEA. It has added depth and relevance for prospective employees through carefully crafted headlines, topics, and visuals for the target group clusters. The process ensured that the employee brand not only supported GEA’s positioning, but also enhanced its image and was a point of identification for its employees.

Engineering Tomorrow's Talent

The EVP tagline, ‘Let’s engineer the future’, was carefully crafted to encapsulate GEA’s core values. Through a thoughtful synthesis of positioning and image, we aimed to inspire a collective sense of purpose and activism among existing and prospective employees. The tagline is not only a reflection of GEA’s commitment to engineering excellence, but also a rallying cry for innovation and progress.

Headline pool for individual communication

Through our research, we have identified twelve themes that are relevant and significant to working at GEA. These include themes such as Sustainability, Meaningful Work and Customer Centricity, which are the reasons that employees choose to work for GEA compared to competing companies. In this way, we have been able to develop headlines that are highly engaging and activating for future and current employees.

Jill Meiburg, Head of Group Communications & Brand at GEA Group
“The authenticity of our purpose 'Engineering for a better world' and our GEA values form the foundation of a culture in which our team members thrive.”

Employer Branding Toolbox

We’ve centralized the essence of GEA’s employer brand into a dynamic brand hub where stakeholders can seamlessly access and tailor communications to their needs. They can choose from a spectrum of audiences, topics, copy, calls to action (CTAs) and visuals. This allows them to curate content that resonates with their specific audiences.