Brand design for the future of sustainable mobility: UILA

Brand & Corporate Design, Digital Branding
New Brand, New Digital

Maximum impact—minimal CO2 footprint

UILA is a hybrid of electric cargo bike and electric vehicle developed by the Berlin innovation studio nFrontier. The task was to develop an overall concept beyond the product: From name and brand through to the digital user concept.

UILA stands for maximum impact and minimum carbon footprint. As uncomplicated as a bicycle, as comfortable as a car and ultimately sustainable: from the materials and supply chains to the production and use itself. We bundle all of this into one brand promise: Sustainable mobility is really fun.

The result is a lively and progressive brand that makes the innovative concept visible and tangible. UILA is Samoan and means “energy”— and the design is just as energetic.

Derivation of the picture mark, a star that pushes out beyond the edges of a square

Going beyond

Our logo is based on the symbiosis of four wheels in its most compact form. It features a spark that transcends the boundaries of mobility.

No boundaries

The visual world of UILA is vibrant, technical and thinks digital first. With an energetic yellow and a layout system that doesn’t adhere to any boundaries.

Daniel Buening, CEO nFrontier
“UILA is a truly sustainable, groundbreaking mobility solution and our answer to the most urgent problems of our time, such as climate change and the current energy crisis.”
  • nFrontier