Helleniq Energy

Rebranding of the most important energy company in Southeast Europe.

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Empowering Tomorrow

Helleniq is one of the leading energy companies in Southeast Europe, transforming itself towards a sustainable future and driving the energy transition forward. Just as this transformation is taking place, the new brand identity will communicate it to the outside world, now and in the future.

Helleniq is evolving from a strong fossil energy supplier to a future-oriented market leader, focusing on innovation and giving people access to new, sustainable forms of energy. A new brand strategy, a new brand name as well as a new brand design make this transformation visible and tangible.

The new dynamic brand design opens up new perspectives and sets the brand presence in motion—from the new logo via the wave of change to a customized typography, connecting people across all languages and markets.

A name full of ingenuity

Naming and word mark also take a decisive step forward: the addition of “Energy” clearly indicates what the brand stands for. And the new ending makes an important part of the DNA visible: ingenuity and the will to innovate.

A logo on the move

The new logo stands for both the strong heritage and the energy of change and clears the way for a new direction of the brand: with the Wave of Change as a symbol for a dynamic transformation as well as with the Guiding Star for its leading role in the energy transition.

Derived from the logo and matching the new brand identity: the new individual Helleniq typeface.

The new typography was especially designed for the brand and conveys its messages in an approachable and human way, whether in Greek, Latin or Cyrillic characters.
Graphic elements such as icons and infographics are derived from the typical shapes of the custom font and make content accessible and easy to understand.

  • Studio Rene Bieder