Packaging design for a system toy

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New Brand, New Packaging

A systematic and playful design

GraviTrax by Ravensburger is known for its creative marble run systems. With a new product line, children from the age of 3 can now also play along. The aim was to develop 9 packagings that refer to the original but cater more to the needs of the younger target group.

Different theme worlds, different scopes, plus separately available decorative and special elements: The packaging design had to be as expandable as the game system. Depending on the content, the packaging differs in detail, but always remains recognizable as a coherent line.

Childlike, lively – playful! The revised logo and a colorfully illustrated animal world convey the imaginative building and playing fun of the product.

An expandable world of its own

GraviTrax Junior gets ideas rolling. With a set of bricks, balls and elements, children can create their very own universe.

Freely combinable theme worlds such as jungle, desert, ice and ocean give the imagination a boost.

More play, more fun

The original GraviTrax logo focuses on the construction of the tracks. With GraviTrax Junior, the focus is on fun: bold, rounded shapes make the logo appear less technical. At the same time, the connection to the original remains visible.

Little stories, a little quirky

Mischievous and cheeky, grumpy or dreamy: The animals illustrated on the packaging are not just cute. They have their very own character. This is how we tell little stories that are fun for children. For example, the porcupine that spills ice cream – or the seagulls that steal fish from the seals. 

Clear information as a modular system

Informative icons quickly and easily convey what is inside the packaging. Their childlike, graphic style suits the target group. Their basic shapes are derived from the building elements of the marble run and the font logo.

Imaginative on all levels

We placed the technical renderings of the building elements in an emotionally illustrated world. It depicts the fantasy that the system toy awakens in children’s minds. At the same time, it is clearly separated from the informative levels. The set level shows whether it is a Starter, Decoration, Elements or Extension Pack. The four theme worlds and the “My Planet” combination set differ in terms of color and illustration.

Dynamic patterns for even more action

In addition to the theme-specific packaging, there are a few more that are independent of it. Illustrative comic-style patterns depict the movements of the balls. They differ for each pack but fit consistently into the design system.

  • Bürobewegt (Motion & Renderings)
  • Anna Folz (Illustrations)