Wissen, was stärkt.

A new corporate design that works inside and outside.

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New Brand, New Content, New Packaging

How does an established health food brand like Budwig appeal to younger target groups and reach its full expressive force and strength?

The guiding principle “Wissen, was stärkt” combines brand identity and commitment and makes them visible and tangible in the newly developed corporate and packaging design.

Science x design: All products credibly and clearly convey Budwig’s promise of effectiveness and reach target groups across all age groups thanks to their clear design.

The Budwig principle: scientific knowledge for maximally effective healthy oils and fats

The strengthening effect is at the center of all products—it is based on the research of Dr. Johanna Budwig, the latest scientific findings and Budwig’s own stringent quality process.

The new packaging design: sustainably effective

The new design strengthens the credibility of the effect: The extension of the label and the structural lines between the pages allows the effectiveness of each ingredient to be precisely traced.