A CEBIT trade fair exhibit as an innovative world of experiences.

Digital Experiences, Exhibition & Event
New Digital, New Spaces

The brand campus: GIGA SQUARE

Digitalization has inspired change in many sectors. CEBIT and the Vodafone brand are no exception. How do you create a trade fair exhibit for Vodafone that makes the brand experience unforgettable?

To present all facets of the brand, we divided the exhibit into three different areas: GIGA SQUARE, WORK and LIFE. The individual experience was central to all of them.

On the GIGA campus, over 70 showcases provide a wide variety of experiences demonstrating how technology and innovation move us forward and make our working lives easier.

The new key visual “Speechmark” provides the framing for each piece of content and defines the center of the image.

Together with the large outdoor area and the two open glass halls, a red floor area of over 6000 m2 was created. Each area received its own name and a gate vibrantly staged with the Speechmark.