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Infinite driving pleasure

BMW AG, Exhibition Stand at IAA, 2013


At the presentation by premium manufacturers for the world’s most important motor show, BMW was keen to take the lead. It was also keen to define a specific theme: With BMW i, the vision of electric motoring becomes a reality for everyday driving. The task for MUTABOR was to provide the right framework for this at the IAA and to develop a state-of-the-art visualization of the brand promise of “Sheer Driving Pleasure”.


BMW offers “infinite driving pleasure”. Following on from the interactive motor show concept of 2009, this brand promise was translated into a vibrant architecture: The exhibits moved along a carriageway forming an infinity symbol. The “sheer driving pleasure” was vividly conveyed through this dynamic presentation. The presentation particularly underlined the range and everyday practicality of the fully electric BMW i3, which was making its debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show. What made it stand out? For the first time, a major theme – the BMW i3 – defined the architecture of the stand and communication before, during and after the show.


With MUTABOR as creative lead and general planner, the stand for the Frankfurt Motor Show was designed in a way that conveyed the overall concept of “infinite driving pleasure” in emotional terms. The infinite carriageway was created on a stand area covering nearly 9,000 m²; this then formed a platform for a real, 9,100 km long driving experience with the BMW i. From the architecture through the communication and the exhibits to the shows and workshops – every element of the company’s image was tailored to convey this central idea. The realization of such a mammoth task was supported by the exhibition development process (MEP), which provides standardized gateways to achieve smooth project organization.

BMW AG Messeauftritt auf der IAA 2013
BMW AG Messeauftritt auf der IAA 2013

01 BMW i for continuous electric motoring. Driving pleasure over 9,100 km. This was the distance covered by the BMW i3 and BMW i8 on the infinite carriageway at the 2013 International Motor Show.

BMW AG Messeauftritt auf der IAA 2013
BMW AG Messeauftritt auf der IAA 2013

02 BMW i SHOW. Media walls to drive on, performance and, not least, the cars summed up the new BMW i brand in emotional terms. As part of the carriageway, the main stage provided the ideal framework for impressive choreographies.

BMW AG Messeauftritt auf der IAA 2013
BMW AG Messeauftritt auf der IAA 2013

03 BMW i Lounge. In the BMW i Lounge, visitors were able to sit in a relaxed atmosphere and find out all about electric mobility – on touchpads or via the chaired show format.

BMW AG Messeauftritt auf der IAA 2013
BMW AG Messeauftritt auf der IAA 2013

04 BMW i Walk. The BMW i Walk was a blue ribbon that ran strikingly through the entire stand area, acting as a presentation area for the differently configured BMW i3s. The product experts were able to make use of all sorts of digital facilities to allow direct dialogue with visitors.


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