VoizMe – Personal Voice enhancing necklace.

Identity Item Case Studies, 2019


The voice is a traitor. Because it makes hidden things visible – or rather: audible. No matter how much we try to construct an outer appearance, the voice pierces it and exposes the innermost. It reveals how we feel, when we are not as easy-going as we want to be, when we are not as calm as we had planned to be.


But it doesn’t just allow our feelings to speak. It also communicates our origins, age and gender. Sometimes even yesterday’s intense evening. And thus affects – regardless of what we have just said in terms of content – how the other person perceives us.


Voice determines perception. But who defines whether it is the right voice? Does it do justice to what has been said? And why can’t one simply choose the voice that most convincingly expresses one’s thoughts? What if we could determine our own voice? Specially chosen for the hearer. Choosing the best I.

SuperMe Voice

The voice as a fashion item.

People define themselves through various channels. The external effect often plays an important role. The voice is an integral part of this effect. And the voice is not just important for humans. The big brands have to deal with creating brand voices like Siri, Alexa or MBUX from Mercedes. What would it be like if you could take on the voice of your favorite brand and turn it into a fashion item?

Break through boundaries

Speak all the languages of the world

VoizMe doesn’t just let you assume the voice of your favorite brand. It can also simultaneously translate and break through language barriers.

Witout delay

Natural intonation

Your voice belongs to you.

If the darknet gets ahold of your voice.

The possibilities that VoizMe offers also carry potential dangers. Is it conceivable in the future that criminals will inhabit the voices of politicians or big bosses and gain access to information? Or do artists, such as singers or actors, have to protect their voices so as not to offer imitators a platform?


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