Unpacking identities

Various, Packaging Designs, since 2001

Good packaging decisively carries a successful brand. Nothing else creates as many encounters and interactions. Good packaging is compact brand identity. An object the customer holds, gets used to, grows fond of and it even brings inspiration to their every-day. Good packaging makes long-term and concrete brand development a reality, because it can’t be digitally replaced. A drink needs a bottle, cosmetics a vessel. Sporting goods and electronics will never be sold naked – they come packaged. And good packaging excites fans. Not just in gift-giving – what would social media be without unboxings? For years MUTABOR has been designing in the Brand Identity unit not just for branding, but also developing packaging for all kinds of customers and brands. From branded companies to private label. From promotional packaging to large-scale production lines.


Corporate design, packaging, design, illustration, production