KNF, Corporate Website Relaunch, 2020


With a comprehensive product range, KNF is the technology leader in the field of applica­tion-specific pumps and pump systems. Count­less B2B customers around the world trust KNF as a supplier of durable and reliable pro­ducts for a broad spectrum of applications – from systems for air circulation on the ISS to professional inkjet solutions or fully auto­mated coffee machines. The challenge for the new corporate website was to boast a state-of-the-art visual design in terms of brand, USP and employer branding on the one hand and simplify editorial maintenance on the other. Additionally, our task was to integrate the KNF corporate blog – an important content hub of the company.


MUTABOR held workshops together with stakeholders from the USA, Switzerland and China, in which requirements for the new digital touchpoints were defined. The focus was on overarching topics such as digital strategy, collaboration with end customers and user-centered design. The project team then switched to an agile working mode with KNF and the project partner Hanse­atics: In a weekly cycle and close coope­ration, we made agreements, developed solutions, gathered feedback from end customers – and in this way, we iteratively improved the product until its launch.


MUTABOR not only brought the entire Look & Feel into a contemporary design, but also made a lasting improvement to the customer experience: Our focus was on presenting a complicated product in a way that was appro­priate to the target group and made it an intuitive experience. KNF’s corporate site thus became the central hub for customers, emp­loyees and applicants around the globe – and is available in 16 localized versions and 10 languages. The site provides information about locations, countries, distributors and products. In this sense, the site has become a tangible expression of the internal corporate mission statement: ONE KNF.

Go international

KNF has customers all over the world. To ensure that as many of them as possible discover the products and obtain information and always find a contact person in their country, the website is accessible in 16 loca­lized versions and has been translated into 10 languages.


Chinese + more

One Page for everything

KNF has tailor-made pumps for almost every application. By implementing a wide range of search filters, product overviews and product detail pages, we ensure that every customer has the right pump for their need.

Unlimited product experience

Users want to be able to surf flexibly anytime and anywhere. Our contribution: We have designed the KNF website so that products can also be discovered conveniently on a smartphone.

Uniform symbols

Surfing should be as comfortable and un­complicated as possible for users. So, we have developed a new, uniform iconography that provides clarity and is easy to understand.


UX, UI, Development, Typo3, 3D, Animation