Future mobility – UI concepts

Case Studies, 2019


Technical and cultural progress makes a radical transformation in mobility and transport services possible. E-scooters for the final stretch, Air Taxis to overcome crowded streets within the city, or Hyperloops to enable cross-country travel at the speed of airplanes.


We asked ourselves what user interfaces will look like for these services in the future and what features they will have to offer to improve the user experience. In three design sprints – for E-Scooters, Air Taxis and Hyperloops – concepts were developed that go beyond the mere use of the services.


Thus, an app idea for »E-Scooter« was developed for the Last Mile sector, which largely automates finding, reserving and paying for the service. When using an Air Taxi, the service takes a back seat and turns the journey into an Instagramable moment. And the app for the Hyperloop offers the fastest conceivable user interface for booking a trip.


The last mile

Uncomplicated, available everywhere and easy-to-use, that’s what E-Scooters are all about – and that’s exactly how the payment experience is supposed to be. Simply open the app, navigate to the closest scooter and unlock it with your smartphone. Autopay for the duration of use and automatically pause payment, if the scooter hasn’t moved for more than a minute.

Flight Taxi

Share new

The interface on the smartphone becomes an enrichment of the flight experience. Connected to an onboard camera, a live stream is transmitted directly to the smart device. An augmented-reality layer provides real-time info about one’s location on the flight course and offers the possibility to connect with friends and share stories.


Airplane speed at
ground level

The fastest way to travel from state to state reliably requires the fastest booking system. Simply connect two or more destinations on the touch screen, select date and time – and the booking is complete.


Interface Design, User Experience, App, 3D, Motion Design