Transforming Transportation

Daimler AG, trade show at IAA Commercial Vehicles, 2018


The transport industry is facing both changes and new challenges. Under the motto »Transforming Transportation«, Daimler is acting as a pioneer and companion to these changes at the most important trade fair for transport and logistics – the IAA NFZ 2018. The claim formulated by Daimler for the development of the trade fair stand: to address and refute possible customer reservations towards change, while at the same time making the transformation tangible, vivid and approachable.


How do you translate something complex like transformation into a trade show? And how do you make it clear and accessible to customers? Through simplicity. One shape – the square – forms the basis for the staging of all products and sub-brands in select stores, in a central marketplace and in stage areas. The result is a clear layout: the Daimler Mall. The modular and scalable system opens spaces for the presentation of products and sub-brands and guarantees a uniform and strong brand identity at the same time.


In addition to over sixty vehicles from the Mercedes-Benz Trucks Vans and Buses division and the FUSO and Setra brands, the wide range of services plays a vital role. For clear customer orientation at the stand, the main themes were reflected in select concept stores. These grew out of the surrounding architecture in a dynamic but strictly ordered manner. They invited visitors to delve deeper into particular products and product solutions.

Straight. Simple. Square.

Transforming complexity into simplicity. Consistency in architecture and communication. The clustered square is the basic design principle for all measures.

Stretching for almost a thousand feet, an extensive brand horizon embraces the exhibition space. The single principle based on line, square and cube grants endless variations of surfaces, integration of media and light as well as the design of stages.

By nature, the transformation of logistics is driven by increasing connectivity. A vast range of exhibits and moderation tools impart the new digital layers boldly and playfully.

Taking the driver’s seat in the Actros Experience Room. The driving simulator excels with its hyper-realistic gaming look as well as the integration of the new Actros’ multimedia-cockpit. Our concept was brought to life by our partners Camalot (programming) and Expotec (manufacturing).

More than 4000 square feet of space for elaborate vehicle choreographies. Kinetic LED panels set the stage for a range of shows in various settings.

Conceptstore for Fuso: The flexible concept allows the independent integration of the Daimler brand and the launch of the e-FUSO brand with a focus on electric drive and sustainability.


Strategic concept development, concept and design (HOAI LP 1-3), event communication, interactive design, UX design, UI design, interface design, motion design, exhibit developement, szenography, show concept, show production


Programming: wir machen Bunt, Hamburg / Camalot, Iserlohn / Brand.Newday, Köln
Exhibit construction: Expotec, Mainz
Architecture: Kauffmann Theilig & Partner, Stuttgart
Technical director: elaborate events, Berlin
Trade fair construction: Display International
Lighting design: rgb GmbH