Cleverdogs App

The app that makes dogs happy.


A dog is a man’s best friend. 12 million of these four-legged friends live in German households. And of course, we want them to be happy. Walking, cuddling and throwing balls are important – but dogs are only really happy and contented when they are mentally challenged, allowed to solve tasks and learn something. Making this happen requires ideas and suitable instructions.


This is where Cleverdogs comes into play: The app makes it easy for dog owners to keep their dog occupied. From brain jogging to photo poses to helper tricks – depending on mood and experience level, you can choose from different topics. Just 5 minutes a day are enough – and guarantee many joyful moments, a closer friendship and above all: a clever, balanced dog.


The app combines multiple illustration styles for a tailored, loving and, at the same time, intuitive user experience. The app icon works in any format – from small to large, from static to animated – and gives the app a distinctive branding. The covers for the paid packages (Cleverboxes) have a high-quality look that will arouse curiosity and attract special attention on Instagram, from which all patterns and icons, as well as the font, were derived. Isometric illustrations provide for the most precise instructions. The uniform color palette holds everything together.

What happens in the engine room of the Cleverdogs App?

We use Flutter as our app technology, so we didn’t have to develop the app multiple times for each operating system. iOS and Android use the same codebases – and we can easily make future changes.

Over 150 automated tests ensure that the quality of the app is always guaranteed and reduces the effort involved in testing. Changes can be made quickly and efficiently in the future.

The app’s CMS is deliberately kept lean. Data is synchronized via Google Drive. A simple web interface allows the creation of push campaigns. The technical basis for this is Firebase Messaging.

Cleverdogs in action


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