Never stop asking

Clariant, Integrated Report, 2018


For 2018 Clariant is presenting its 3rd Integrated Report. The concept of revealing the interaction and interconnectedness of financial and non-financial factors has now become a trademark. Clariant is going one step further this year. The most important topics will be discussed in interviews from an internal and an external perspective.


The narrative format of the interview focuses on the people behind the issues. This approach is reinforced by the design concept. The expressive portraits of the interviewees focus on the characters. The black-and-white photography continues Clariant’s reduced design – the pictorial world of the report consists exclusively of portraits – and consequently, becomes a stringent graphic framework.


The motto »Asking questions is what makes us better« is also the central theme of the storytelling. Each question word on the cover is activated for an interview chapter and introduces a topic with a particular question, which is then answered from two perspectives. The 2018 report thus continues Clariant’s integrated reporting both in content and visually.


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