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The most digital exhibition

Audi AG, Paris Exhibition, 2016


Digitization and connectivity are the driving forces in the motor industry today. MUTABOR wondered how a brand like Audi would approach these challenges within the context of the trade fair of the 21st century. On the one hand, a flexible system for exhibition identities in the next few years had to be developed; so that the company can respond to trade show situations worldwide and a wide range of thematic presentations. On the other hand, the clear aim was to involve visitors inter­actively and to turn the new, networked Audi world into a special experience.


In Paris in 2016, Audi created its first totally digital and interactive exhibition space for the world premieres of the Audi Q5 and the Audi RS 3 Sedan. The stand, designed as a media grid, acted as a multimedia space where visitors could interact using their own smart phones. Audi AG worked with MUTABOR and Schmidhuber on the design and realization of the show. Work started on the design of the just over 2,000 m² stand back in December 2015. Building work started in the following June. Alongside the 7,000 or so LED tiles, the main challenge was to make sure that all the media interlinks. The concept is designed on a modular principle so that it can be used sustainably in the long term.


The architectural framework was created by »the Cloud«, a ceiling structure made up of 220 media-capable particles. These are modular cube structures fitted with media surfaces. Combining these cubes created the roof and exhibition areas of the stand, forming the mediatecture, particle by particle. Using these particles as a media display created visible data streams close to the exhibited vehicles and showed how they were networked. In addition, the Cloud had a number of contact points that could feed customized data direct to the user’s smart phone. The »Audi Experience Pass« was a digital e-ticket developed specially by MUTABOR that communicated directly with the visitor.

Audi AG Messeauftritt Paris 2016

AUDI EXPERIENCE PASS The »XPass« picked up visitors even before they entered the exhibition center and took them straight to the Audi stand. The E-ticket was requested beforehand via a microsite and saved in the wallet app. The app sent a push notification to the visitor, who could then also scan the pass to obtain exclusive customized information.

Audi AG Messeauftritt Paris 2016
Audi AG Messeauftritt Paris 2016
Audi AG Messeauftritt Paris 2016
Audi AG Messeauftritt Paris 2016
Audi AG Messeauftritt Paris 2016
Audi AG Messeauftritt Paris 2016
Audi AG Messeauftritt Paris 2016


Conception, Scenography, Event communication, Graphic design, Motion design, Exhibit development, Digital product development

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