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The next levels of mobility

Audi AG, IAA, 2017


How is the future of piloted driving developing? What are the advantages of the increasing digitization of mobility? And what are the responses from Audi? At IAA 2017, Audi positioned itself as a technology leader in driverless cars. This was reflected both in the many digital innovations involving the new Audi A8 and the concept cars such as the Audi Elaine and the Audi Aicon. MUTABOR presented these pioneering steps into the immediate and more distant future of mobility.


Step-by-step to the next level. The staging at the IAA 2017 shows how vehicle design and function are set to change over the next years and decades. The scenography of the staging forms the communictive setting in which the future of Audi is shown over three floors. The stage design is embedded in the mediatecture of the Audi Cloud. This is the first fully digital stand design for the premium brand, now rolled out worldwide.


At the first stage, the new Audi A8 appears as the innovative leader in the upper class within the context of its innovations. Stage two shows the Audi Elaine as a show car and harbinger of the first fully electric SUVs from Audi. At the third stage, the staging takes the viewer into the future. A white, seamless Corian space provides media interaction with the Audi Show Car, which is designed as a fully self-driving living lounge. A fully digital car in a fully digital, intelligent environment.

Audi AG IAA 2017
Audi AG IAA 2017

The design of the highlight platform in stages not only makes a distinction between different products and visions, but also shows level 3, 4 and 5 in piloted driving.

Audi AG IAA 2017
Audi AG IAA 2017

The exhibition stand module »The extra hour« is also new. The idea: to allow exhibition visitors to experience the increasing intelligence of vehicles, and the time saved. Visitors can enjoy their own personal »extra hour« on a green space in the middle of the Audi exhibition stand.

Audi AG IAA 2017
Audi AG IAA 2017
Audi AG IAA 2017

With the Experience Pass, Audi once again presents innovative approaches to customer dialog this year. Audi uses the Pass instead of the traditional trade show information media, such as catalogues, to provide digital data – thus offering customers the convenience of combining individual and personally relevant information.

Audi AG IAA 2017
Audi AG IAA 2017


Conception, Scenography, Event communication, Grafic design, Motion design, Exhibit development, Digital product development


Architecture: Schmidhuber

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