The debut of the new look marked the start of the global rollout of the new Volkswagen corporate identity. In addition, the first fully electric mass-produced model, the Volkswagen ID.3, celebrated its premiere. The exhibition stand designed by MUTABOR was both a mobility platform and a stage for these VW world premieres in 2019. The ID. Customer Journey showcased the USPs of ID.3 and the new orientation of Volkswagen on the »ID Walk.«

Sustainable, electric, digital – VIBRANT! The major realignment of the Volkswagen brand was noticeable in the Frankfurt exhibition halls: open, with a wide range of communication and interaction options, always with the human visitor at the center.

The Volkswagen stand was the starting point for a complete relaunch of the brand and all future trade fair appearances of Volkswagen worldwide. It embodied the company’s new approach and created an “ID. Walk” as a real walkthrough experience. For the first time, the focus was exclusively on electric vehicles. And for the first time, sustainability was a decisive and integral factor in the entire development process. Each installation was tested and selected for environmental and social compatibility as well as brand conformity. Also, the IAA presented the new ecosystem »One Hub« a digital hub that links onsite and offsite with each other and bundles data.

»With the IAA trade fair concept, »A New Way,« the trade fair stand is developing into a walk-in campaign with multiple stages for the continual generation of Volkswagen content. This is also the world premiere for a new type of experience platform,« says Ben Erben about the concept, Creative Director at MUTABOR.