MUTABORS co-founder and owner has accepted the role of president for the most important creative club in the German-speaking world. Paravicini’s presidency is also of great benefit to MUTABOR. Both the expanding of our worldwide creative network and having new insights into industry news and topics will help MUTABOR and their customers be on the cutting edge of design in their businesses.

Heinrich Paravicini was elected as the new speaker of the ADC governing board at the Annual General Meeting on 18.10.2018. This means that from now on a real communi­cation designer will run the club. Already a few weeks ago, the ADC presented its new corporate identity, which – not by chance – was developed by an ADC designer team under the leadership of Heinrich Paravicini. As the owner of MUTABOR, he brings not only brand competence but also a great deal of know-how in several areas of communication, such as editorial, trade fair and event communication as well as digital – all of which are specialist areas of the ADC.

Advertiser Stefan Vogel will be succeeded by a president who will represent the younger disciplines of the more than 700-members club. His agenda focuses on strengthening the members as industry personali­ties and on improving the communication culture in Germany.

Inspiration at eye level

»If we want to contribute to making excellent communication the topic for our society and the corporate and meeting culture in our country, then we will also be genuine discussion partners for business and society. We must not be advocates of just any kind of creative service, but must offer inspiration at eye level,« says Paravicini.