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The »Red Dot« is regarded as one of the largest design competitions in the world. This year we submitted seven projects from entirely different fields. All seven were awarded for their design quality, including one as »Best of the Best«. If that’s not proof of the consistent high-quality in all our units…

We are particularly proud of our Bahlsen project. »The Bahlsen Family« has twice hit two home runs. One as »Best of the Best«, the special award for very high design quality in the category Typography and a second in the category Corporate Design Identity. In addition, the following works of ours now bear a Red Dot: FishAct (Online), PAL – Phase Alternating Line (Publishing and Print Media), AUDI – CES Las Vegas (Fair Stands), Clariant Integrated Report 2018 (Annual Reports) and the Audi Dealer meeting in Marbella (Event Design). Click here for more information on the winning projects.

The high-caliber jury reviewed, discussed and evaluated around 8,700 entries to select the best-designed brands and communication projects of the year. We say: Good choice!