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Bahlsen, Corporate Identity, 2018/2019


Bahlsen has been around for a while, 130 years to be exact. But on its way into the future, the family and the family-owned company have intensively dealt with their own roots and identity. »We are not temporary fashion. We are people who create good things for others«. The new umbrella brand THE BAHLSEN FAMILY and the newly developed corporate design should express these attributes: timeless, traditional in the best sense and at the same time driven by the desire to bring something new into the world.


Hermann Bahlsen was »findig im Finden« (forward-looking in terms of inspiration and new ideas). At the beginning of the 20th century, he not only established new recipes, production methods and words (»Kekse«) in Germany but also ran one of the most innovative brand presences in German consumer history. At that time, Hermann Bahlsen was the first to work with contemporary artists for targeted marke­ting. The TET quality seal that was then developed returns to the new trademark and the concise Grotesk typeface expresses Bahlsen’s family’s aspirations for their new umbrella brand: THE BAHLSEN FAMILY.


The Bahlsen Grotesk is a custom typeface and is based on handwritten typography of the 1920s. Each letter, each character was individually proportioned. The result is a characteristic, unmistakable typeface that is used as an independent design element. Also, the typography was baked as a limited edition according to tradition and repackaged, sealed by the TET seal of quality, which forms the bridge to the newly designed umbrella brand.

The dawn of unboxing. The original packaging of Bahlsen biscuits sets standards in durability, packaging design and POS marketing. The typeface also dates from the early 20th century.

The special edition: a treat for the eyes. Why not for the taste buds? Ingredients: a resourceful master baker, the innovative experimental bakery at the head office in Hanover and a perfect recipe. The world’s first baked corporate typeface is fresh out of the oven – including customized packaging.


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René Bieder (type design), Strategy: sasserath munzinger +