Step Into: The All Dimension

Audi AG, Audi Dealer Meeting on Ibiza, 2016


Audi has developed a new strategy to keep pace with the dramatic changes in the motor industry: To tell the trade about its pioneering innovations, the company wanted to present itself at its 2016 Dealer Meeting on Ibiza as a company that is constantly evolving – and MUTABOR was entrusted with the task. The aim was that communication would focus on the transformation of products, services and sales.


The core point of the entire show was the promise that new technological developments would provide greater scope. The digital exchange between the product and the driver or the product and its surroundings was brought to life in the form of a chat dialogue. These entertaining dialogues ran as a continuous thread through the entire show, familiarizing the public with the concept of the digital future of Audi products.


In a multidimensional black auditorium – the “Non-Dimension” – the brand’s major themes were developed in the futuristic setting of an event space. Each product line was presented in its own three-dimensional stage set, and a dynamic vehicle show illustrated the transformation of the cars into digital platforms. Digital concepts thus melded with the products of the future to create an audiovisual experience.

Audi AG Dealer Meeting 2016
Audi AG Dealer Meeting 2016
Audi AG Dealer Meeting 2016
Audi AG Dealer Meeting 2016


Conception, Scenography, Show production, Film production, Motion design, Event communication, Directing


Architecture: Oettle Ferber