Merck & MUTABOR are deploying a Digital Brand Hub for more efficient implementation of complex design guidelines. Highlight: Generators that create assets and layouts with hundreds of variants with just one click.

Guidance instead of guidelines – making it easier for Merck

There are many digital brand portals. But most of them are just as complicated as their counterparts in PDF format. Users get lost in the forest of Do’s and Dont ́s, and the helpdesk is swamped with questions.

In developing the Digital Brand Hub, we focused on the users and their needs. The platform frees the user from everything that interferes with working with guidelines. Best practice examples show the design possibilities, design generators and templates ensure that the brand remains consistent and is applied in a compliant manner.

»Especially in the age of Covid-19, teams on the client and agency side have to organize themselves in a decentralized context. A hub such as this one, with its central »single-source-of-truth,« is of enormous value,« says Tobias Flosdorf, Client Service Director responsible for the client Merck.

Brand-consistent customized Merck designs with just a few clicks. No design experience required.

The Digital Brand Hub helps designers work easier and encourages them to discover new solutions within Merck design. Instead of rules, the focus is on easy-to-understand explanations and best practices to communicate Merck design’s philosophy. Numerous layouts, correctly measured and ready-made with the correct colors and spacing, can be downloaded as templates for various touchpoints. The digital design system »Liquid Design« is available for the tools Sketch, Figma, React JS and React native.

Special features are the generators with which assets and layouts in hundreds of variants and color combinations can be created with just one click. »Our motto during development was guidance instead of guidelines. We want to empower our users to explore our brand, create inspiring layouts and easily interact with our brand materials,« says Katrin Menne, Head of Branding at the Merck Group.

The development was preceded by intensive interviews and tests with employees and service providers. These confirmed the assumption that the complexity of Merck’s design guidelines is high and could only be applied correctly via quality assurance on the company side. Burkhard Müller, CDO at MUTABOR: »Everything that hinders working with guidelines and waists time is handled by the Digital Brand Hub so that users can concentrate fully on what they want to achieve.«

»Everything that hinders working with guidelines and waists time is handled by the Digital Brand Hub so that users can concentrate fully on what they want to achieve.« Burkhard Müller, CDO at MUTABOR

MUTABOR Brand Hub in multiple versions: the advantages

We offer various Digital Brand Hub solutions – from a basic version to high-performance, generative tools, such as Merck’s, which has algorithms that pay attention to the rules while letting the creatives be creative.

The focus during development is always on the customer’s needs. That is why brand assets can be integrated into all standard systems, for example, as a supplement to the MUTABOR Brand Hub.

»Our solution accelerates workflows, reduces coordination, prevents errors and promotes creativity. It has a significant impact on the business through more efficient corporate design and digital brand management. Depending on the size of the company, we see significant savings potential,« says Heinrich Paravicini, MUTABOR co-founder, summarizing the advantages.