After Amsterdam, Moscow, Bangalore, Cairo and Hangzhou, the BSH Group is opening doors in Australia. Worldwide Bosch Household Appliances Stores are based on the pilots we have developed for Bosch Training Centers.

Recently the BSH Group OCEANIA Headquarters in Clayton, Australia, with integrated BSH Training Center, opened its doors.
Salespeople, brokers and investors experience the 230 square meter product world of Bosch Home Appliances live here. An important focus: the digitalization of products via Home Connect.

In 2016, MUTABOR was commissioned to develop and implement the new global retail design. The main challenge was to involve the different markets in the process, to allow a degree of localization, but also to ensure global brand consistency.

In addition to the development and implementation of the new retail guideline, we delivered six pilots in vastly different markets – from the Netherlands to Russia, India, Egypt, China and Australia. Around 1,700 stores worldwide use these pilots as benchmarks and as a built design guideline for the refurbishment of older stores and the construction of new ones.

»For MUTABOR, this training center is not only the first project Down Under but also the highly successful conclusion of a transfor­mation process that the BSH Group went through with us in the last years.« Oliver Dering, Creative Director and Head of the Architecture Unit