At the Medientage München, marketing and data experts discussed the tension between using your head and KPIs in marketing. On stage: Our CCO and founder Heinrich Paravicini together with Dieter Lutz from Bahlsen, Dörte Spengler-Ahrens von Jung from Matt and Sascha Stürze from Analyx. The round was moderated by Jürgen Scharrer, editor-in-chief of HORIZONT.

At the Medientage München, experts discussed the balance between the power of creation and the precision of digital technology. Heinrich Paravicini was invited to hold the epilogue. He presented the sociological development. His focus: the concept of identity. In the 60s and 70s, different living environments would have emerged with the Mercedes brand and the remarkably similar logo of the Peace symbol. Mercedes stood for prestige, status, also for politics, and the flower-power movement for the clearly defined rejection thereof. Both conveyed a certain mindset that carried a strong sense of belonging. Today, on the other hand, a very clear sense of identity could be observed in society, characterized by the desire for self-optimization. People today, therefore, expect a »self-boost« from brands: personal benefits, community, appreciation and, last but not least, influence. Influencers as role models would be »state-of-the-art.« However, a countermovement can now be observed: »We are beginning again to become more human and to question whether something is real or fake,« says Paravicini. Self-optimization has thus reached its limits. What we urgently need as human beings is feedback. And what should brands give their consumers? »Attention, appreciation and love. Brands are successful when they can build a love relationship – and love is irrational. Machines, on the other hand, are never irrational.«