A new Executive Creative Director and a new Head of Finance on board

Experienced designer Nina Wiemer has been the creative mind of MUTABOR’s Identity Experience business unit since December. As Executive Creative Director she leads an interdisciplinary team of motion-, digital- and communication-designers, as well as scenographers, to name just a few. Along with her multi-faceted knowhow in »Communication in Space«, Wiemer has loads of expertise in automobiles and in advising industrial clients.

Bogislav von Unruh started as Head of Finance at the beginning of this year. He leads MUTABOR’s Finance and Accounting business unit and is responsible for Business Development. The business degree graduate reports directly to MUTABOR CEO Johannes Plass. Von Unruh has 25 years of experience behind him, in which he worked in leading positions for various media companies and agencies as an interim manager and consultant for well-known agencies.