What is real food and what is just a brilliantly staged cliché of an industry that makes us addicted to fat, sugar or gluten? yfood provides the answer with opulent visuals that contextualize the iconic claim THIS IS FOOD with junk food products from well-known fast food advertisers.

yfood wants people to nourish themselves better in a sustainable way – especially in moments when it is usually difficult to do so. That’s why they’ve launched a balanced, healthy sustainable alternative to junk food: hydration meals with 26 essential vitamins and minerals that make you feel more satiated than any burger or pizza. But we know: due to time or availability issues, many people are often more likely to grab junk food or other lopsided meals.

The images are intended to attract attention and stimulate discourse. What do we think about when we’re hungry and need to eat quickly? Is this what we know? And what might be more harmful to our bodies? Or is now the time to we discover something new?

Already in 2022 we started with the redesign of the yfood brand identity – out of the corner of food supplements – towards a brand with a clear message. THIS IS FOOD. At the beginning of 2023, we wanted to open the discourse on what we (should) understand by food today.

The visuals deliberately avoid a call to action and instead refer to the yfood mission “For a world that eats better”. Everyone is invited to form their own opinion on the website!