And here it is! Number 3. Integrated Reporting for Clariant.

In 2019 we further refined the Clariant Annual Report. In the meantime, the report has gained momentum of its own, clearly shaping the brand image of the Swiss specialty chemicals group.

Once again, Clariant used its Integrated Report as a leading medium that consistently recounts the past for today and provides a multi-layered outlook for the future.

This time the theme of »Progress« was the guiding principle at the beginning of the concept. What are the trend topics that are driving the market and people? What does Clariant have to say and offer these topics? We translated this conceptually:

In a complex world in which much is known, but little is certain, true »progres«” requires one thing above all else: orientation.

We have translated this idea into a design concept based on the visual and symbolic world of radar. The radar design was transferred to the layout with the striking neon color, the typical radar cross, special designs of central infographics and text highlights. The company’s stories that are on the radar at Clariant show the way into the future in a sustainable way.

Starting with the most relevant topics, which Clariant identifies every two years in an elaborate survey of all internal and external stakeholders, these stories were defined and narrated in various editorial formats.

In the process, we have carefully developed the brand-defining design elements of recent years – from iconic black-and-white photography to bold typeface design.