Vodafone launches its complete rebrand with the GIGA SQUARE at CEBIT! MUTABOR was behind the concept and design.

Spanning 6,500 m², the core of the launch was an elaborate experience consisting of the two pavilions (GIGA WORK and GIGA LIFE), along with an outside area with GIGA gates and the 5G Hyper Reality Cube. All together under the world famous wooden ceiling from the Expo era, the red campus of the Vodafone brand was brought to life, as the GIGA SQUARE.

The CEBIT format is new. So it was early on clear that Vodafone’s exhibit would also have a different format and design. »In trade fair architecture it’s a general rule that the exhibition hall is to be hidden to the point of unrecognizability. We are breaking this rule and letting the June sunshine«, explained Gerd Hermes, Creative Director at MUTABOR.

The two pavilions with their independent character and large-format glass facade became GIGA WORK and GIGA LIFE. The former focused on B2B and the latter on B2C. There and everywhere on the campus visitors could experience over 80 showcases, interactive exhibits and events, as well as tutorials.

The entire design concept of GIGA SQUARE is oriented towards characteristics like »open«, »flexible« and »tangible«. In this way, Vodafone said »goodbye« to the architectural »trade fair palace« and literally opened itself to all visitors – for more of spontaneity and exploration. Each person could navigate Vodafone’s GIGA SQUARE at their own pace according to their individual interests. »More Expo than trade fair. More individual experience than made for the masses«, explained Heinrich Paravicini, CCO at MUTABOR. Vodafone as a brand epitomized »experience« and »accessibility«, just like the large Vodafone speech mark, which visitors could enter through to step into the GIGA WORK pavilion.

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