For its 50th anniversary, the premium brand ROBINSON has a significantly more digital, clearer and bolder look. Among other elements, the brand relaunch includes all analog touchpoints as well as the development of a digital design system. In addition to the redesign of the website, logo, color scheme and corporate font, the new look also includes an extensive library of icons. The resulting guidance system will help vacationers navigate all digital touchpoints and on-site clubs in the future. A TUIfly aircraft with the new ROBINSON corporate design will soon enter service in the TUIfly fleet.

Design insights: a facelift for the parrot

The goal was to create a design system based on simple rules, which would hone the brand’s positioning and be easily adaptable to all touchpoints. All elements were conceptualized and designed with a focus on digital functionality — from the app icon to social media and the website. The most striking visual change is seen in the logo, which depicts a parrot’s head next to the lettering. The new shape not only makes it easier to identify, but also more expressive with a friendly expression that conveys the »ROBINSON feeling«.

The base tone of the reduced color palette is a pervasive azure blue, flanked by secondary colors for complements and highlights. The new corporate typeface, “Cera Robinson”, which is a customized adaptation of the Cera Pro designed by TypeMates, is exclusive to the brand.


Heinrich Paravicini, founder and CEO, MUTABOR: »Visually reimagining an internationally known brand like ROBINSON, which has been anchored in the minds of Germans for decades, is always a challenge. The important thing for us was to strengthen the character of the premium brand even further and make it more recognizable to target groups on analog and digital levels alike. Many people associate their greatest vacation experiences with ROBINSON — unforgettable moments. That’s the feeling the new design picks up on and conveys.«