Johannes Plass
Executive Partner MUTABOR

The image of trade fair and event visitors has changed. The majority of visitors follow their mobile phones. The visitors hold their smartphones in front of their eyes as if they were looking through glasses and could not recognize anything without the technology. Everything of interest is filmed and captured, probably also posted or at least shared with their closest confidants. Photographability or social media usability is becoming the new leitmotif of our industry, can be found in every briefing and changes the way we work. The design of rooms with quality of stay and classic interior design, on the other hand, are on the decline. Budgets are being shifted from architecture to scenery.

»Instagrammable moment« is the current buzzword. Also, in the event industry, it is essential today to offer the visitors a backdrop which they can have themselves photographed so that their visit becomes »instagrammable«. The organizers are still looking for ways to measure this activity. What is clear is that visitors are gaining a new quality as communicators. As a result, new skills and ways of thinking are relevant from the perspective of developers and designers: Content marketing has reached the stage of set building. The designer must think in stories that the event visitor can experience and document.

An exciting change in the trade fair and event landscape – the product exhibition becomes a cinematic product experience. The brand stand becomes an experience that seeks a new connection to the brand. And the entire time it’ s clear: The quality of the stay is not defined by the design quality of the architecture, but by the future measurable traffic on visitors’ mobile phones.

Our latest projects, such as the Influencer Event for the presentation of the new Audi e-tron in Marbella (see above), already show the direction we are heading in. Here we can clearly see how an event turns into a walkable story and how the themes and messages subordinate themselves to the storyline. MUTABOR solves this challenge using interdisciplinary teams. Architects always work closely together with communication designers and copywriters, to mention one striking example.

So, in the future, we will do well to have the image of this new visitor in mind. Or even better, the experience that the visitor can pass on as a story. So: we are back at the »Real Experience«, which in the end is decisive for the perfect »Instagrammable moment«. Such Buzzwords are fantastic.