We sincerely congratulate Credit Suisse on their grand opening! The transformation of the banking business is leading to new retail formats and a new culture of encounter. Experience it live in our client’s new banking hub.

Digitization is also leading to a change in customer behavior in the banking sector: Visits to local banks are declining. The traditional banking business is becoming digital and mobile. What role can retail play in the future of banking?

Together with Credit Suisse, we have put together an interdisciplinary team to investigate this question: Strategists, architects, digital experts and departmental representatives. The result is a concept for the future with a new kind of encounter culture – café, co-working, start-up support. A place that supports entrepreneurship and where the digital and personal customer journey merge. A place that translates Credit Suisse’s overarching mission into an individual experience.

A big »Thank you« to Credit Suisse, all departments and teams, for the seamless collaboration.

Here are the first, stunning impressions