On 18 December 2018, a 30-year countdown started in Hamburg. The sad projection: By 2048 the seas will be empty. MUTABOR develops the new corporate design from FishAct. The NGO fights against overfishing and illegal fishing.

MUTABOR provides pro bono support to FishAct, previously known as The Black Fish, in the development of a new corporate design including naming, logo, digital out-of-home campaign and a new internet presence. The campaign will be rolled out in spring 2019. The logo shows a school of 30 still visible fish. As a symbol for their disappearance, one fish fades every year until the countdown of 30 years is over. The extinction of the fish logo is based on real research on fish stocks. The good news is that negative develop­ment can be stopped and fish can return to the logo with the support of FishAct.

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