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The pioneering fuel cell technology known as the FE Fuel Cell Concept is a clean, sustainable and environmentally friendly drive technology which, in contrast to pure electromobility, is not limited by range restriction. The challenge for MUTABOR’s Identity Architecture division was to design an impressive yet flexible architecture for an extensive product portfolio: from the concept car through the alternative drives of the IONIQ fleet and the total Hyundai range through to the N brand. The pioneering FE Fuel Cell Concept, the Hyundai IONIQ Plug-in-Hybrid and the station wagon variant of the new i30 also needed to be presented as highlights.


The architectural concept follows on from the design language of the exhibition concept established by MUTABOR in 2015, creating a framework that can easily be recognized. To present the many different products, a new, media-playable facade was added to this framework. The presentation was inspired by the waterfall as a symbol of an endless, constantly renewed source of energy and focused on the innovative general theme of hydrogen technology. The architecture showed the same ability to be transformed as the flow of the water through its use of media technology to create ever-changing atmospheres. The pioneering future technologies, Hyundai’s current fleet and the sports versions of the N brand were thus presented to optimum effect.


The central image of the waterfall provided an impressive, metaphorically charged context for the FE Fuel Cell Concept as the highlight. The facade was transformed into a media-based waterfall on two levels. At the front, a broad LED display “fell” from the edge of the building and flowed, as an LED floor strip, across the surface of the stand. Behind this, a curtain made from a technical fabric with constantly changing illumination formed a second cascade; this spread the media display across the full width of the stand. The two levels were synchronized so that the wide range of exhibits could be shown most effectively. The stand area was clearly structured, allowing visitors to find their way around easily and explore the entire product portfolio.

Hyundai Motor Company Genfer Autosalon 2017
Hyundai Motor Company Genfer Autosalon 2017
Hyundai Motor Company Genfer Autosalon 2017

More detailed exhibits such as “Wearable Robots”, the “IONIQ Wishing Wall” and “Project IONIQ” turned the area between the LED display and the curtain into a “Future Walk”.

Hyundai Motor Company Genfer Autosalon 2017
Hyundai Motor Company Genfer Autosalon 2017
Hyundai Motor Company Genfer Autosalon 2017


Identity Architecture
Concept and design planning (HOAI LP 1-3), Submission planning (HOAI LP 4), Execution planning (HOAI LP 5), Calls to tender (HOAI LP 6/7), Supervision of production, implementation support and site supervision (HOAI LP 8), Project control, Documentation


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