Oliver Dering, Associated Partner / Creative Director Architecture

“Identity is the mainspring of architecture. Today, alongside elements such as form, light and material, it is also the digital expansion of space, the experience, the user-friendliness that gives permanent and temporary architecture its identity.”

Oliver Dering

Associated Partner, Creative Director

Architect Oliver Dering (2nd from left) is a divisional manager of Identity Architecture and an Associated Partner of MUTABOR. From 1999, he worked in the USA, France and Germany for firms such as Decoi, Eric Owen Moss and Bollinger Grohmann. In 2004, he then joined Schmidhuber & Partner as Creative Director for six years, mainly developing spatial communication for Audi. Since 2015 he has headed MUTABOR’s Architecture Department. His clients to date include BMW, Audi, Daimler, Hyundai and Bosch.

Anne Wolkodaw

Client Service Direction

As a commercial divisional manager, Client Service Director Anne Wolkodaw (3rd from left) is responsible for project control, finances and new business in Identity Architecture. She studied business management, international tourism and event management. She started her professional career at Atelier Markgraph in 20007 and has been with MUTABOR since 2010. Together with her teams, she has created a broad range of spatial brand identities and a number of major projects. Her clients to date include BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Hyundai, Audi, Clariant, Viessmann, Telekom, Adidas, Airbus, Siemens and Bosch.

Thorsten Boenisch

Head of Architectural Planning

Thorsten Boenisch (1st from left), carpenter and engineering graduate in interior design, has been Head of Architectural Planning at MUTABOR since 2012 and runs the Construction/Planning Department. After two years of experience in the shop fittings division of the Watermann planning office and work on various high-quality residential projects at Dawson Brown Architects in Sydney, he worked at Oettle-Ferber Associates for a number of major clients for ten years. Since then, his main focus has been on developing and building major brand identities in the trade show, event and showroom sector. His clients to date include Audi, SAP, Siemens, BMW, Hyundai, Bosch and Adidas.

Gerd Hermes

Creative Director

Creative Director Gerd Hermes (4th from left) studied interior design in Hanover and Aberdeen. His career then took him via Triad Berlin to Schmidhuber & Partner in Munich. He worked there from 2006 on various international projects in the temporary structures sector. Since then, he has also regularly lectured on his concept of the creative idea. For Expo 2010 in Shanghai, he designed the multi-award-winning German Pavilion before moving to MUTABOR in 2011. His clients to date include Audi, Samsung, Lamborghini, O2, BMW, Daimler, Telekom and Siemens.


Concept and design planning (HOAI LP 1-3), Submission planning (HOAI LP 4), Execution planning (HOAI LP 5), Calls to tender (HOAI LP 6/7), Supervision of production, implementation support and site supervision (HOAI LP 8), Creative lead at site supervision, Consultant support, design phase, Consultant support, implementation phase, Project control, Documentation