We are an owner-managed design agency based in Hamburg. We help our clients to develop the power of their brand. We’d like to give you an idea of where our power comes from.


1st place for CLARIANT in Swiss Annual Report Rating

For the third time in five years, CLARIANT’s Integrated Annual Report wins in the Swiss Annual Report Rating. The lead agency for the successful, holistic design concept is MUTABOR, who created the report together with Kammann Rossi, Nexxar and Sustainserv. With the name “All in One,” the design concept focuses on numbers. The design links the reporting and narrative levels through storytelling and impressive images. The jury says: “In about 170 pages, the company succeeds in conclusively presenting its key value drivers, giving a “big picture” of Clariant for all stakeholders. As the jury, we have concluded: This is a very convincing integrated reporting system.” (Hans-Peter Nehmer, Jury President Annual Report Rating).
“All in One” was not only the Swiss Annual Report Rating “Report of the Year,” but also scored points in the Red Dot and BCM Awards. Click here for more case details.

Heinrich Paravicini now the new president of the Art Directors Club for Germany

After 17 years in the club and 6 years of membership in the ADC Presidium as a board member for Design, our co-founder and owner has accepted the role of president for the most important creative club in the German-speaking world. Paravicini’s presidency is also of great benefit to MUTABOR. Both the expanding of our worldwide creative network and having new insights into industry news and topics will help us and our customers be on the cutting edge of design in their businesses.

This means that from now on a real communication designer will run the club. Already a few weeks ago, the ADC presented its new corporate identity, which – not by chance – was developed by an ADC designer team under the leadership of Heinrich Paravicini. As the owner of MUTABOR, he brings not only brand competence but also a great deal of know-how in several areas of communication, such as editorial, trade fair and event communication as well as digital – all of which are specialist areas of the ADC.

Advertiser Stefan Vogel will be succeeded by a president who will represent the younger disciplines of the more than 700-members club. His agenda focuses on strengthening the members as industry personalities and on improving the communication culture in Germany.

Inspiration at eye level

“If we want to contribute to making excellent communication the topic for our society and the corporate and meeting culture in our country, then we will also be genuine discussion partners for business and society. We must not be advocates of just any kind of creative service, but must offer inspiration at eye level,” says Paravicini.

MUTABOR develops new corporate design for HanseMerkur

The new design concept puts the logo at the center of its communications. A logical step, as the community has always been the center of this Hamburg insurer’s activities. The new logo now illustrates the principle of reciprocity with even more clarity.
The new logo shows in pictographic representation a union of three persons, who reach out to themselves within the community and out to new members. Community as a pictorial message moves into the center of communication for all media. The concentric design principle is based on a smart formula that establishes the central position of the logo and the essential design features. All design elements are responsive and are aligned with the central logo area. Thus, the new HanseMerkur CD is ready for all touchpoints, whether digital or print, whether today or in the future.
The development process of the new image comprises a holistic approach, which infuses the complete design with identity based on the brand strategy. In addition to the classic elements, such as logo design, the creation of a word/image mark, typography and the development of a harmonious color and image language, the aim was to find forward-looking solutions for the demands of digitization and to create a design principle that guarantees uniform and consistent implementation for all touchpoints.

IAA Commercial Vehicles 2018: MUTABOR for Mercedes-Benz Vans & Trucks

After our team for communication in space had completed their work, the show team took the reins amounting to 93 shows for Mercedes-Benz Vans & Trucks, 4 keynotes, 18 sessions on the topic of mobility of the future. All for our customer Mercedes-Benz Commercial Vehicles at the IAA in Hanover.

New CI for Art Directors Club (ADC)

The ADC is donning a new corporate identity. As an ADC Board Member for Design, Heinrich Paravicini led a team of ADC members to develop the new CI. It was presented for the first time today at the ADC Design Experience in Stuttgart. As part of the new CI, MUTABOR is in charge of both the website and the ADC App. You can read the whole article with all news and behind-the-scenes in the current print edition of HORIZONT (37/2018) and online at

Heinrich Paravicini curates for the 5th time the ADC Design Experience

Heinrich Paravicini moderates and curates for the 5th time the “Design Experience” of the ADC – Art Directors Club für Deutschland e.V. The 2018 motto: Humanity Design. On September 13th and 14th, there will also be great lectures in Stuttgart on this subject, which will show many perspectives on how design may be experienced in the future or the tasks designers will have to perform. Among others: Matthias Amm from adidas, Christoph Gredler from Leica and Florian Röhrbein from Kärcher. Go to for more insights.

120 Mutaborians

120 strong identities work at MUTABOR. We believe that you can always achieve more in a team than you can alone. Here, anyone can be the catalyst that moves us and our clients further. In our agency, good ideas are not bound by hierarchies.


Over 60% of the staff here are women.


We have 4 to 5 dogs a day in the agency.


Every month, over 1000 liters of coffee are drunk.

Big Mac

We work with 100 Macs and 20 PCs


If you ride a folding bike, you can join the gang here.


We have 1600 darts for 23 Nerf Guns.


We’ve walked away with almost 500 awards since we started.


71 meat eaters meet 12 vegetarians.


320 terabytes of good ideas are stored on our servers.


Our longest serving #MUTABORIAN has been here for 19 years.


22 architects work here.


A single falls in love at MUTABOR every 408 days.

2 founders

MUTABOR is owner-managed, independent and proud of it. The origins of the agency lie in the years of study shared by founders Johannes Plass and Heinrich Paravicini. In 1993, they developed the graphics magazine of the same name at the Muthesius University of Fine Arts and Design in Kiel. Today, around 20 years later, MUTABOR is one of Germany’s most successful design agencies.

Johannes Plass on Heinrich Paravicini

Heinrich Paravicini on Johannes Plass

We work for our clients, not to achieve rankings. If we also win awards with our work, we’re delighted, of course.

Number 1 of the most creative owner-run design agencies. In this context, we’re the only design agency (and the only non-advertising agency) to be in the top 15 long-term creative rankings over the last 5 years.
Number 2 in the rankings of owner-run German agencies with the highest sales revenues.
Number 3 of the most creative design agencies based on points for creativity.


We believe that identity is the driving force behind the success of companies and brands. Here is a selection of clients whom we have helped to focus and liberate the force of their identity over the last 20 years.

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