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New CI for Art Directors Club (ADC)

The ADC is donning a new corporate identity. As an ADC Board Member for Design, Heinrich Paravicini led a team of ADC members to develop the new CI. It was presented for the first time today at the ADC Design Experience in Stuttgart. As part of the new CI, MUTABOR is in charge of both the website and the ADC App. You can read the whole article with all news and behind-the-scenes in the current print edition of HORIZONT (37/2018) and online at

Heinrich Paravicini curates for the 5th time the ADC Design Experience

Heinrich Paravicini moderates and curates for the 5th time the “Design Experience” of the ADC – Art Directors Club für Deutschland e.V. The 2018 motto: Humanity Design. On September 13th and 14th, there will also be great lectures in Stuttgart on this subject, which will show many perspectives on how design may be experienced in the future or the tasks designers will have to perform. Among others: Matthias Amm from adidas, Christoph Gredler from Leica and Florian Röhrbein from Kärcher. Go to for more insights.

2018 Red Dot Award for Communication Design

7 Red Dots for MUTABOR! Among them is the highest award “Best of the Best” in the category TYPOGRAPHY for the anniversary box we created for our customer Koenig & Bauer. The design work for Koenig & Bauer won the international jury over in three other categories: Corporate Design & Identity, Publishing & Print Media and Illustrations.

Other awards for high design quality went to the brand relaunch of the DFL (German Football League) in the Brand Design & Identity category and MUTABOR’s promotion mailing titled LABSWURST / WEISSKAUS in the Illustrations category. If that wasn’t enough, there was a Red Dot for the integrated report for the chemical company Clariant called “All in One” in the Annual Reports category.

GIGA SQUARE – MUTABOR reinvents the Vodafone symbol at CEBIT 2018 with a new campus concept

Vodafone launches its complete rebrand with the GIGA SQUARE at CEBIT! MUTABOR was behind the concept and design.

Spanning 6,500 m², the core of the launch was an elaborate experience consisting of the two pavilions (GIGA WORK and GIGA LIFE), along with an outside area with GIGA gates and the 5G Hyper Reality Cube. All together under the world famous wooden ceiling from the Expo era, the red campus of the Vodafone brand was brought to life, as the GIGA SQUARE.

The CEBIT format is new. So it was early on clear that Vodafone’s exhibit would also have a different format and design. “In trade fair architecture it’s a general rule that the exhibition hall is to be hidden to the point of unrecognizability. We are breaking this rule and letting the June sunshine in,” explained Gerd Hermes, Creative Director at MUTABOR.

The two pavilions with their independent character and large-format glass facade became GIGA WORK and GIGA LIFE. The former focused on B2B and the latter on B2C. There and everywhere on the campus visitors could experience over 80 showcases, interactive exhibits and events, as well as tutorials.

The entire design concept of GIGA SQUARE is oriented towards characteristics like “open”, “flexible” and “tangible.” In this way, Vodafone said “goodbye” to the architectural “trade fair palace” and literally opened itself to all visitors – for more of spontaneity and exploration. Each person could navigate Vodafone’s GIGA SQUARE at their own pace according to their individual interests. “More Expo than trade fair. More individual experience than made for the masses,” explained Heinrich Paravicini, CCO at MUTABOR. Vodafone as a brand epitomized “experience” and “accessibility”, just like the large Vodafone speech mark, which visitors could enter through to step into the GIGA WORK pavilion.

3 x Gold and 1 x Silver! MUTABOR cleans house at BMC Award

At the ceremony of the largest European content marketing awards, it was raining gold on us, our customer Koenig & Bauer and our partner Grauel Publishing in three categories: Corporate Book, best Special, best Infographic! The anniversary project for the printing press manufacturer alone persuaded the jury. Next to these, MUTABOR got silver for the Integrated Report of the chemical company CLARIANT called „All in One“.

At the BCM Award, exceptional content is what counts characterized by relevance and added value. For the 200th anniversary of the traditional company Koenig & Bauer, MUTABOR developed an elaborately designed anniversary box. It consisted of a book, brochure and a poster set. The content exhibits a content marketing approach on multiple levels and bridges the company’s past to its future. This is what convinced the jury. For more information on the winning project visit our case study or click here.


For the redesign of the DFL’s (Deutsche Fußball Liga GmbH) new brand architecture, MUTABOR won the Corporate Design Prize 2018 in the category Corporate Typography/Font/Image. The CDP showcases exceptional design and forward-thinking ideas in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. For more information on the winning cast click here.
Moreover, the jury can declare awards and nominations for extraordinary works. MUTABOR received four nominations for projects with the DFL, Koenig & Bauer and Health AG.

120 Mutaborians

120 strong identities work at MUTABOR. We believe that you can always achieve more in a team than you can alone. Here, anyone can be the catalyst that moves us and our clients further. In our agency, good ideas are not bound by hierarchies.


Over 60% of the staff here are women.


We have 4 to 5 dogs a day in the agency.


Every month, over 1000 liters of coffee are drunk.

Big Mac

We work with 100 Macs and 20 PCs


If you ride a folding bike, you can join the gang here.


We have 1600 darts for 23 Nerf Guns.


We’ve walked away with almost 500 awards since we started.


71 meat eaters meet 12 vegetarians.


320 terabytes of good ideas are stored on our servers.


Our longest serving #MUTABORIAN has been here for 19 years.


22 architects work here.


A single falls in love at MUTABOR every 408 days.

2 founders

MUTABOR is owner-managed, independent and proud of it. The origins of the agency lie in the years of study shared by founders Johannes Plass and Heinrich Paravicini. In 1993, they developed the graphics magazine of the same name at the Muthesius University of Fine Arts and Design in Kiel. Today, around 20 years later, MUTABOR is one of Germany’s most successful design agencies.

Johannes Plass on Heinrich Paravicini

Heinrich Paravicini on Johannes Plass

We work for our clients, not to achieve rankings. If we also win awards with our work, we’re delighted, of course.

Number 1 of the most creative owner-run design agencies. In this context, we’re the only design agency (and the only non-advertising agency) to be in the top 15 long-term creative rankings over the last 5 years.
Number 2 in the rankings of owner-run German agencies with the highest sales revenues.
Number 3 of the most creative design agencies based on points for creativity.


We believe that identity is the driving force behind the success of companies and brands. Here is a selection of clients whom we have helped to focus and liberate the force of their identity over the last 20 years.

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