The new design concept puts the logo at the center of its communications. A logical step, as the community has always been the center of this Hamburg insurer’s activities. The new logo now illustrates the principle of reciprocity with even more clarity.
The new logo shows in pictographic representation a union of three persons, who reach out to themselves within the community and out to new members. Community as a pictorial message moves into the center of communication for all media. The concentric design principle is based on a smart formula that establishes the central position of the logo and the essential design features. All design elements are responsive and are aligned with the central logo area. Thus, the new HanseMerkur CD is ready for all touchpoints, whether digital or print, whether today or in the future.
The development process of the new image comprises a holistic approach, which infuses the complete design with identity based on the brand strategy. In addition to the classic elements, such as logo design, the creation of a word/image mark, typography and the development of a harmonious color and image language, the aim was to find forward-looking solutions for the demands of digitization and to create a design principle that guarantees uniform and consistent implementation for all touchpoints.